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Previous research has shown that people who are grateful are happy. Happiness comes from being grateful and humble about whatever you do in life.

Choose to Exercise

Exercise with combination with good food is the best way for a good life inside and outside. Healthy body, Healthy skin, Healthy soul. Exercise yourselves minimum 3 times a week and honestly your life will change completely. You will become more productive, more focus, psychological more stable and of course Healthy!

Enjoy more experiences

Research has shown that, time and time again, money doesn’t really buy you happiness (even though most of us thinks it does). What you should put your money toward — rather than buying more stuff — are experiences or charity. Research has shown that we tend to have fonder, happier memories of times we spent with someone doing something fun (like going on a trip), than if we had bought ourselves a new flat screen TV. And when we give money to charity, it also makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives.

Some stress is good

Some stress keeps us motivated and a little “hungry” for more out of our lives. People who live longer stay motivated and are always looking forward to their next accomplishment. A little stress motivates and keeps us focused.

Earlier you decide to do it, better for you and your family!

Eating good food, eating organic is a long term investment for a better life, good life, healthier and most probably longer life. Choose to buy organic is not expensive. You just need to understand why you are buying organic and and what organic is doing to your health. Its the good food without chemicals, hormones, pesticides. The food that we suppose to eat to be Healthy. Its no excuse not to have some organic products in our house. Earlier we decide to do it, better for us and our family.

Hang with the right crowd

If you want to live healthier, longer and happier life, the friends you choose are a big part of it. Join groups of people who are doing the kinds of things you’d like to do, whether it be playing golf, enjoying a hobby or outdoor activity, or playing chess. Hang out with the people who are also enjoying life in a positive and joyful manner.

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The organic food movement began in the 1940s in response to the Green Revolution. The Green Revolution marked a significant increase in food production due to the introduction of high-yield varieties, the use of pesticides, and better management techniques.

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